Comfort Club Plan

Regular Scheduled Maintenance Tasks Platinum Gold Silver
Measure operating volts/amps throughout system
Measure operating volts/amps throughout system
Inspect all voltage absorption components
Tighten all electrical connections through entire system
Inspect breakers and fuses for proper functioning
Inspect all safety controls to ensure proper operation
Check and ensure proper refrigerant charge and pressures
Clean out water removal system
Purge and flush condensate removal system
Check thermostat operations for accuracy
Check filtration and replace as needed ***if owner supplies filter***
Discounts on Service Call Fees
Tighten all loose screws and *replace missing ones
Clear outdoor unit free of debris, leaves, bugs, and trash
Wipe or brush inside blower unit to remove dust
Clean indoor with brush and detergent cleaner (1 ANNUALLY)
Treat indoor air movement system with Enviro-clean
Condensate drain pan protection treatment
Clean outdoor coil with low pressure cleaning agent and rinse (1 ANNUALLY)
Priority service, no overtime, or after-hours charges for repairs
Repair service and parts discounts
Scheduling* 2 Annually* 2 Annually* 1 Annually*
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