Habits of Homeowners That are Damaging Their HVAC System

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After fixing your faulty HVAC system in your company or at home, is it starting to act up again after just a few days? Then maybe it’s time for residential or commercial AC services in Gainesville, FL, to prevent this from recurring. Replacing your company’s AC unit might permanently solve your faulty HVAC system and reduce the stress it is giving you.

Habits that Might be Damaging Your HVAC System

Here are some of the bad habits that you are practicing as a homeowner or business owner that are causing damage to your HVAC system.

  1. Neglecting HVAC Maintenance
    The first habit you are making that might be damaging your HVAC system is neglecting its much-needed maintenance. To protect your HVAC system from damage, you need to make sure that you regularly schedule professional HVAC maintenance. This way, expert technicians will be able to evaluate your system’s performance and look for wear as well as damage.

    Aside from that, they will also perform the necessary repairs and clean all the system’s components.

  2. Adjusting the Thermostat Frequently
    Another habit that might be damaging your HVAC system is the frequent adjustment of the thermostat in your unit. If you are constantly changing the temperature settings on your thermostat, your HVAC system will cycle on and off more frequently. The result of this will be increased wear and tear on your system unit.

    To avoid this from happening, install a programmable thermostat. This way, you can program the thermostat to turn the temperature up or down at different times of the day. And when nobody is at home, turn off the system.

  3. Ignoring Small Issues
    The third habit that you are doing that might be damaging your HVAC system is ignoring small issues that can cause bigger and more serious issues. Once ignored, small issues get worse as time goes by, which can either lead to a much more costly AC repair in Gainesville, FL, or, worse, a complete breakdown of your system unit.

    Promptly taking care of your HVAC system, especially when any small issues arise, is the best practice to prolong its lifespan and take care of your system unit.

  4. Obstructing Airflow
    One more habit that might damage your HVAC system is obstructing its airflow. If you have a habit of covering or closing the vents of your system units while they are in use, this will affect the airflow as well as reduce your unit’s efficiency. Make sure to always keep the areas around registers and the indoor air handler clean and free from obstruction to prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other debris that can impede airflow.

  5. Repairing Damages Yourself
    Sometimes even if you are an experienced DIY enthusiast, repairing HVAC damage yourself can also be one of the habits that can further damage your system unit. That is why if your HVAC unit is experiencing mechanical issues, it is best to hire an expert HVAC service technician to inspect and repair your system unit.


Bottom line

These are only some of the many habits that homeowners and business owners have that can damage their HVAC system units. If your unit is damaged and you need to avail of professional and reliable HVAC services in Gainesville, FL, do not hesitate to contact Zephyr Heating & Cooling at 904-420-6525. We will be more than willing and glad to offer and provide you with the best HVAC services.

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